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role type + interaction pattern + effectiveness profile

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"I showed my results to a colleague who chairs our department. He was astonished how close the findings were to his perception of me at this time. I was struck by how remarkably tuned-in and spot-on (and useful) the assessment was."

Matthew T. Witt, Ph.D., Associate Professor

"Good assessment tool for those looking to improve their inter-group, intra-group, and/or organizational effectiveness. Much more reliable than most tools I know and strong validity."

Jeremy Sappington, Sr. Instructor, School of Public Health, University of Washington

Simply knowing your personality type or style is not enough.
Discover the impact your behavior has on others –
and what to do to improve.

A self-assessment whose results begin where other assessments end.

By completing the iea, you will learn:

  • How you typically behave;
  • How your behavior influences your interactions;
  • How your interactions influence how others respond to you;
  • The potential consequences of your behavior on others, both positive and negative;
  • How to increase your interpersonal effectiveness.

With only a 10-15 minute investment of your time to complete the iea, you will receive a personalized and comprehensive report to help you modify your behavior in ways to ensure you will be perceived as more effective in all your interactions.

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