Interaction Effectiveness Assessment®

role type + interaction pattern + effectiveness profile

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"I loved the visual comparisons and the ease of use."

Steve McArthur, McArthur Consulting

"I showed my results to a colleague who chairs our department. He was astonished how close the findings were to his perception of me at this time. I was struck by how remarkably tuned-in and spot-on (and useful) the assessment was."

Matthew T. Witt, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Simply knowing your personality type or style is not enough.
Discover the impact your behavior has on others –
and what to do to improve.

A self-assessment whose results begin where other assessments end.

By completing the iea, you will learn:

  • How you typically behave;
  • How your behavior influences your interactions;
  • How your interactions influence how others respond to you;
  • The potential consequences of your behavior on others, both positive and negative;
  • How to increase your interpersonal effectiveness.

With only a 10-15 minute investment of your time to complete the iea, you will receive a personalized and comprehensive report to help you modify your behavior in ways to ensure you will be perceived as more effective in all your interactions.

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