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Sample information you will learn in the Role Type Report.

According to your ratings, the Role Type you tend to adopt in a group setting is: ROLE TYPE UPF, described as persuasive, convincing, shows task leadership.

Individuals who report behaviors associated with this Role Type are often seen by others as maintaining a balance between: (1) moderately high activity; (2) moderately high likeability; and (3) a moderately high, but not aversive, emphasis on accomplishing tasks. They tend to initiate many acts, and others reply and respond to them in a similar fashion. Many like them. They show outstanding competence, initiative, and persistence in structuring and performing tasks. These individuals are able to persuade others to perform the various roles needed in a group, and to train other members in these roles. This often includes educating and training others to replace themselves in a leadership role, and inducting such members into the role.

Role Type Report

The Role Type report in the iea serves as the foundation of the complete report. After studying the report you will be able to answer the questions:

  • What is a Role Type and why is it important to know?
  • What are the characteristics of my Role Type?
  • How does my Role Type influence my behavior?
  • How does my Role Type affect my interaction with others?
  • What words are generally used to describe my Role Type?
  • How can I modify my behavior to be more effective?
  • What is an effective balance of behaviors to strive for?

Knowing more about the roles you are likely to take in your interactions contributes to understanding and improving the impact your behavior has on others.

  • Your Role Type is the generally consistent and characteristic behavior you tend to exhibit in your interactions with others.
  • Your Role Type can, and probably will, vary over time as you increase your awareness and broaden the types of behavior you comfortably show.
  • Repeated measures of the iea are recommended to see how implementing and following through on your development plan has increased your overall interaction effectiveness.
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