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What is the Interaction Effectiveness Assessment®?

The Interaction Effectiveness Assessment® (iea) is a powerful and valid self-assessment based on your answers to a twenty-six item questionnaire. You are asked to respond to the question: "In general, what behavior do you actually show when interacting with others?"++

The interpretive report returned to you may have up to three sections. Each includes suggestions on what behaviors you might want to modify, and how potentially to improve the quality, satisfaction, and productivity of your interactions with others.

  • The Role Type provides the foundation of your report in the form of one of twenty-six possible Role Types in social interaction. Your Role Type is the generally consistent and characteristic behavior you tend to exhibit in your interactions with others. Knowing more about the roles you are likely to take in your interactions helps to understand and improve the impact your behavior has on others.
  • The Interaction Pattern analysis displays the pattern of your behavior in nine critical areas of social interaction. The shape of your own pattern is, in many ways, an indication of how flexible and adaptable you are in adjusting your behavior to fit various situations. Your responses are compared to an optimal pattern, and suggestions are given on how to improve your flexibility in areas where you might over or underemphasize certain behaviors.
  • The Effectiveness Profile details your actual responses to the twenty-six item questionnaire and compares your results to an effective range for each behavior. The analysis includes behaviors that you might currently show too often, or not often enough, with hints on how to modify.

Your individualized iea builds a comprehensive picture of how potentially effective your current behavior is, how others are likely to respond to your behaviors, and how you might go about modifying your behavior in order to increase your interaction competence. Each report is accompanied by an extensive workbook to help you better understand your feedback and help you formulate a specific development plan to which you can commit.

++ A "Simplified English" version of the iea (iea-SE) is also available to professionals working with individuals who have a limited understanding of English. The rating instructions, along with the twenty-six items probing various behaviors, use phrasing (4th grade level) to make it easier for those with a limited English vocabulary to complete the self-assessment on-line.

The written reports that result from the ratings, however, contain the same level of language proficiency (i.e. 9th grade) as the standard iea. The reports are comprehensive and extensive and may require some assistance in reading certain portions of the text.

Although we recommend using the standard iea whenever possible, both forms produce equally reliable results. If you are interested in using the "Simplified English" version, select iea-SE when ordering.

Click here to download an informational flyer on the iea.

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