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Who can benefit from completing the iea?

Anyone who is interested in improving his or her interactions with others.

  • The real benefit of the iea is that it provides useful, valid, and reliable information about the potential consequences of an individual’s typical behavior without having to initially involve others in the assessment.
  • It is a powerful exercise that can be done privately for purposes of self-development.
  • Learning about the potential consequences of your behavior can be an excellent first step in formulating a personal development plan.

Of course, for positive changes in relationships to take hold and endure, it is best to involve others in the change process. Many people find that sharing the results of the iea with others is a good way to clear up misunderstandings, establish new and more effective patterns, and promote more satisfying and productive relationships.

Will my results ever change?

If you formulate an action plan and work on developing areas that were indicated as needing improvement, you will likely assess yourself differently and your results will change. Much of your Role Type is personality-based and might not change dramatically. However, your results on the Interaction Pattern and Effectiveness Profile might change considerably if you are consistent in executing your development plan.

Are there differences between what is effective for men and effective for women?

Research conducted jointly by SCG and the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) showed no significant differences between what is effective for males and females, using the set of SYMLOG value items. No targeted research on possible gender issues has been conducted using the behavior item set which is used in the iea. A dissertation study (Cowen, 1998) on the relationship between values and behaviors indicated that the more your behavior is perceived by others to be appropriate to the situation, the more likely you will also be perceived as showing values that others consider effective. See also Hare, Koenigs & Hare (1996). Perceptions of observed and model values of male and female managers in SYMLOG field theory, pp 127-136.

Is the iea available in any other language?

The iea is available only in English. However, professionals may order a "Simplified English" version for use with individuals who have a limited reading ability or understanding of English. Click here to learn more.

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