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SYMLOG Consulting Group

  • SYMLOG Consulting Group (SCG) is the publisher of the Interaction Effectiveness Assessment® (iea). The iea is the newest offering in an extensive line of professional products offered by SCG.
  • SCG was founded in 1983 by Robert J. Koenigs, Ph.D. and Margaret A. Cowen, Ph.D., with the support and assistance of Robert F. Bales, Ph.D.
  • More professionals use SYMLOG-based products to assess and guide value-based change than any other measurement system in the world.
  • The SYMLOG Consulting Group approach is worldwide as well as interactive. It created a data bank that made possible a search for general laws of social interaction far beyond anything thus far known. Since its inception, SCG’s research base contains over 1,000,000 profiles drawn from applications in seventeen languages, in sixty countries, on six continents.
  • Its corporate office is located in San Diego, California. SCG maintains a professional staff to coordinate and provide support services to an international network of over 1,000 Certified SYMLOG Consultants

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