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The Interaction Effectiveness Assessment® (iea) uses rating items derived from the SYMLOG system.

SYMLOG is a theory of social interaction with a highly refined system for measuring key components inherent in social interaction. The components consist of three major dimensions of social interaction derived from factor analytic studies.

One purpose for the studies that resulted in the formulation of the SYMLOG system was to understand better effective leadership, group dynamics, and superior team performance.

The results of the work include:

  1. a comprehensive theory of social interaction;
  2. a highly refined measurement system; and
  3. a set of precise tools for analyzing and improving effectiveness for people who live and work in groups of all sizes.

Using SYMLOG-based products makes available useful, valid, and reliable feedback that enables individuals, teams, and organizations to:

  • assess their current capabilities;
  • define their future development goals;
  • plan and implement change efforts toward improvement goals; and,
  • repeatedly measure and guide progress against those goals.

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