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Sample information you will learn in the Interaction Pattern Report.

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Your interaction pattern (yellow dotted line) compared to the optimum pattern (solid white line).

You may UNDEREMPHASIZE behaviors associated with Area F.

If your ratings in this area accurately reflect your behavior, it is likely that others may perceive you as somewhat disorganized, perhaps indecisive, and possibly impetuous or disrespectful. Others might feel you are ...

Interaction Pattern Report

The Interaction Pattern Report shows what patterns of behavior are most associated with your Role Type. After studying the report you will be able to answer the questions:

  • How are the patterns of my behavior associated with my Role Type?
  • How can my interaction pattern limit my effectiveness?
  • How effective is my interaction pattern?
  • In what areas does my pattern differ from what is effective?
  • What areas of interaction do I tend to avoid or use infrequently?
  • What areas of interaction do I tend to overemphasize?
  • How do others relate to the interaction pattern I generally show?
  • Why should I care about my pattern or how others are impacted?

Studies of personality and interpersonal behavior have demonstrated that many roles are required at different times in all groups. Being able to intentionally and authentically switch and take on a wide range of roles, as appropriate, is most effective.

  • Role types have distinct interaction patterns associated with them.
  • Even individuals with the same Role Type can exhibit different patterns.
  • Individuals often behave in fairly restricted ways, probably because the behavior is comfortable and guided by personality-based preferences.
  • Habitual behaviors tend to restrict the roles individuals take in interactions, and these limitations influence the pattern of behavior that develops over time.
  • Differing situations call for differing roles. The range of behavior associated with these various roles takes on a specific shape, or optimum pattern for most effective interactions.

With the iea you will learn how your interaction pattern compares to an optimum pattern, and the consequences your choices may have in your perceived and actual interpersonal effectiveness.

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