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Your iea package options include: Role Type

Interaction Pattern
(RT) + (IP)*

Effectiveness Profile
(RT) + (EP)*

iea Complete
(RT) + (IP)  + (EP)*

Comprehensive assessment system
Your personal Role Type
Implications of your personal Role Type
Description/characteristics of your Role Type
Key Dimensions in your social interaction
Your personal results by Key Dimension
The meaning of your personal Role Type
Comparing your Role Type with an Optimum
Your personal Interaction Pattern
Understanding your Interaction Pattern
Your Pattern compared to an optimum pattern
The alignment of your Pattern to the optimal
Behavior clusters in your Pattern - overemphasized
Behavior clusters in your Pattern - underemphasized
How to improve your personal interactions
Your range of behavior compared to effective
Your Profile - behaviors within effective range
Your Profile - behaviors above effective range
Your Profile - behaviors below effective range
Potential consequences of your behavior
Your specific strengths to build on
Your overall potential Effectiveness Score
Hints for improving your effectiveness
Personal Improvement Action Planning Guide

*Options are only available with individual purchase for personal use.

  • Quantity pricing is available;
  • The iea Complete is the only option available for professional use with others;
  • Repeat measures within 12 months of your first assessment discounted 20%.

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