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What users say about the iea

“I loved the visual comparisons and the ease of use."

Steve McArthur, McArthur Consulting

"I showed my results to a colleague who chairs our department. He was astonished how close the findings were to his perception of me at this time. I was struck by how remarkably tuned-in and spot-on (and useful) the assessment was."

Matthew T. Witt, Ph.D., Associate Professor

“The iea is the best self-assessment tool I’ve seen in the last twenty years. In fact, I wish I could have taken it and read my iea report twenty years ago!”

Patrick O’Reilly, Managing Director, Leadership Asia

"Huge efforts have gone into the validation and reliability of this instrument. Unlike the MBTI, the process suggests practical ways to be more effective without necessarily changing a life time of preferences."

Joseph Potts, Past Executive Director of NTL Institute

“I like how easy the iea is to use and find the reports are well written and easy to understand. Having access to the personal development planner is a real plus."

Barry Felson, Principal, Cadence Consulting

"Wow, there is a lot of important life development information to grow by in the iea results report. Also for consultants or managers this is a great tool for coaching others as to where they might consider ‘sharpening their personal influence saw’ so to speak."

David Carroll, Ph.D., Consulting Partner
The Ken Blanchard Companies

"This is an outstanding instrument for accurately assessing personal communication patterns. It is easy to complete, clear, concise, and the step-by-step suggestions on how to become even more effective are priceless."

Kathleen Byrd, Property Management Specialist

“Extremely professional and credible. One of the most practical and helpful assessments I’ve ever taken.”

Marilyn M. Terry, Ordained Minister

“I think the iea would be helpful in so many situations. I am currently working with several people who have been laid off and are looking for employment. I can see that this instrument would be very helpful to them.”

Lorraine Lane, Business and Executive Coach

“It’s a reliable and valid tool for measuring your effectiveness and the roles and behaviors showed in your interactions with others. It’s comprehensive, and the best feedback report I know … for anyone willing to develop specific actions for personal improvement.”

Dr. Ricardo Hirata O., Keisen Consultores

“I liked the sensitivity of the instrument in allowing for response gradations and allowing me to visually check comparatively across responses. It added to the validity of the test.”

Charlotte Houston, Ph.D., Psychologist and Executive Coach

"The iea is an excellent tool, easy to use and producing a sophisticated analysis far beyond other self-assessment tools. I found the report sensitively and very carefully written with excellent suggestions on possible action plans. As far as my self-knowledge goes, it was accurate and helpful and will repay ongoing study."

Dr. Craigie Macfie, Director, cqm consulting
Senior Fellow, IMIA Centre for Strategic Business Studies
Sydney, Australia

“Understanding the values that influence our interactions with others is core to the effectiveness of our leadership and team dynamics. The iea provides in-depth personalized feedback and coaching suggestions all in a highly visual and interactive on-line format.”

Robert L. Williams, Ph.D., Senior Fellow
Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility
Georgia State University

"I've been looking for an assessment that provides solid information on how I interact with others and iea is it! The iea was easy to use and understand. The results of the iea assessment have helped me in my daily interactions both with business and relationships."

Diana Loiewski, M.Ed., Special Education Teacher
CEO of Talkcounts LLC

"I was very impressed with my experience of the iea. The report was very comprehensive and practical and easily linked to the MBTI. The emphasis on interpersonal effectiveness (rather than just personality factors) was great."

Ian Brooks, Ph.D., MBA (Hons), M.Ed. (Dist), Director
Arete Group, New Zealand

"The iea is a really great instrument for self-assessment and coaching. The personal report is quite detailed with a very useful workbook for action planning."

M. Cristina Isolabella, Ph.D.
Executive Coach, Milano, Italy

"Extremely accurate and enjoyable. Gives great performance feedback, that pinpoints current behavior to improve leadership effectiveness."

Dr. Tom Heemstra, Founder of MACH 5 Leadership Solutions

“Good assessment tool for those looking to improve their inter-group, intra-group, and/or organizational effectiveness. Much more reliable than most tools I know and strong validity.”

Jeremy Sappington, Sr. Instructor
School of Public Health, University of Washington

“I used the Interaction Effectiveness Assessment wondering if I could get new insights into my behavior. Personally, I like the discoveries and insights I got as to my strengths and improvement areas I can work on. Professionally, I will include the instrument as part of my executive coaching assessment tools.”

Tita D. Puangco, President
Ancilla Enterprise Development Consulting
Manila, Philippines

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