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The Interaction Effectiveness Assessment® (iea) consists of three reports. When taken together, they form a comprehensive picture of:

  • Your general personality characteristics and the Role Type you typically assume in your interactions. (RT)
  • The Interaction Pattern of your behavior and the strengths and weaknesses of that pattern. (IP)
  • Your behavior profile compared to a normative Effectiveness Profile with specific suggestions on what to do differently to increase your interpersonal effectiveness. (EP)

By completing the iea and studying the results, you will become more aware of:

  • How your behavior is generally characterized.
  • How you typically behave or are most comfortable behaving.
  • The impact your behavior generally has on others.
  • How to modify your behavior and become more intentional.
  • The potential consequences of your behavior over time and across situations.
  • What general patterns you might want to modify to have your interactions become more satisfying, productive, and effective.
  • What specific behaviors you typically either over or underemphasize.
  • Ways to adjust your behaviors to become more intentional and effective in your interactions, assuring more satisfying outcomes.

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